Pikeville Medical Center’s (PMC) Outpatient Pharmacy has played a vital role in making improvements to service the growing needs of patients. PMC’s pharmacy is serving a more significant number of patients than ever before. The volume of prescriptions processed has increased considerably.

Recently, several procedures were implemented to efficiently provide quality service to patients.

“Our pharmacy is currently processing over one thousand prescriptions per day,” said PMC Director of Outpatient Pharmacy, Lina Abdallah. “We recognize the prosperity of our growth and take pride in making convenience a priority for our patients.”

PMC recently opened three drive-thru lanes at 231 Hibbard Street in Pikeville to service the needs of patients requiring medication. The addition was designed to effectively serve more patients quickly. As a result, they are now seeing three times more patients than ever before.

One lane is designated for patients to drop off medications while the two other lanes are for pick up. PMC also has a pharmacist available to discuss any questions patients may have to ensure they thoroughly understand their medications.

“We recognize that our patients want to get their medicine as quickly as possible,” said Abdallah. “We installed the additional lanes to speed up service and allow patients the convenience of staying in their car to get their medication.”

She says during rush hour, PMC is serving 60 patients per hour.

“It is an honor to be able to serve all these patients and help them,” said Abdallah. “We want the community to know we are here to help in their time of need and we are making every improvement possible to keep convenience in mind.”

PMC’s Meds to Beds is an additional service designed for the suitability of our patients.

“Our Meds to Beds program offers prescription medication delivery to a patient’s bedside before leaving the hospital,” added Abdallah.

PMC hired a technician, specifically to prepare all medication and deliver to the hospital before the patient is discharged. This allows a patient to go straight home after being discharged from the hospital, eliminating a trip to the pharmacy for their medication.

“I am very proud of my pharmacy staff. They are hardworking, dedicated individuals. Every day they remain committed to serving our patients,” said Abdallah.

She added that her staff makes sure all safety measures are in place from the time the prescription order is received until it has been delivered to the patient.
As an additional convenience, outpatient services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays.

For more information about Pikeville Medical Center’s Pharmacy services, call 606-218-3576 or visit the PMC Pharmacy page on this site.