Pikeville Medical Center offers a comprehensive pharmacy service responsible for procuring, maintaining, dispensing and monitoring all formulary medications.


Pikeville Medical Center’s outpatient pharmacy, is now ALL DRIVE THRU and is located in the hospital parking lot across from McDonald’s on Baird Avenue. To check on an order or for more information, please call 606-218-3576. For your convenience, outpatient pharmacy services are available by a drive-up window.

The pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Holidays.


The inpatient pharmacy staff operates in a technologically advanced setting that incorporates both automated dispensing (PYXIS®) and barcoding of medications in our pursuit of enhancing patient safety. In addition to medication order entry, our pharmacists screen each patient’s allergies, chart notes, disease state list (if available) and lab values for any conflicts with new orders. Upon completion of this initial screen, pharmacists make recommendations to physicians (if necessary) for adjustment of drug therapies. Our pharmacists assist in drug dispensing procedures and adhere to medical center policies regarding patient confidentiality.
Clinical pharmacists at our facility practice in the following capacities:

  • drug utilization evaluations
  • renal dosage adjustment
  • formulary review
  • therapeutic drug monitoring
  • evaluating cultures and sensitivities for appropriateness of antibiotic selection
  • evaluating a medication list for potential causes of an adverse drug reaction, or, ADR
  • identify needs for pharmaceutical education, and establish methods for meeting patient, staff, and community needs
  • parenteral nutrition consultation (recommendation for constituents of initial formulations, and recommendations for subsequent revisions to formulations based on patient response and/or changes in patient condition)
  • serving as members of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee in order to procure and maintain safe, effective, and cost-conscious formulary medications for our patients
  • serving as preceptors for students currently enrolled in accredited colleges of pharmacy
  • serving as sources of drug information for medical staff, patients, nurses, other health care professionals, and the community at large
  • participating in performance improvement activities (i.e. preparation for JCAHO surveys, serving as members of quality improvement subcommittees, etc.)

Hours of operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Holidays.


Pikeville Medical Center’s oncology satellite pharmacy staff prepares chemotherapy for patients visiting the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center. Pharmacists work in close conjunction with oncologist physicians to formulate chemotherapy regimens appropriate for the needs of each individual patient. Decisions regarding doses and specific regimens of chemotherapy are made based on a variety of factors including: type of cancer, stage of cancer, cardiac function, kidney function, and blood cell counts. Pharmacists are regularly consulted to aid physicians in searching for drug information that will better serve our patients.

Hours of operation: 8AM to 3:30PM Monday through Friday (closed on holidays; in the event that the oncology satellite staff is absent, Pikeville Medical Center inpatient pharmacy aids in the preparation of chemotherapy regimens)


Located inside our medical intensive care unit (MICU), Pikeville Medical Center’s Operating Room/Intensive Care Unit Satellite Pharmacy is manned by a staff of outstanding clinicians. In addition to excelling in areas of clinical pharmacy practice that are inextricably linked to the intensive care unit (see bulleted list), these pharmacists serve as indispensable sources of drug information.

Critical care pharmacists at our facility practice in the following capacities:

  • appropriate antibiotic selection for septic patients
  • acceptable drip rates/duration of therapy for medications specific to our intensive care patient population
  • appropriate choices of routes, methods, and forms of nutrition delivery
  • recommendation of addition and deletion of items on a patient’s medication list to aid physicians in the fine-tuned management of this often-difficult patient population
  • participating in the education and orientation of each new critical care nurse by conducting day-long seminars
  • detailing the importance of appropriate medication usage in the intensive care unit

When seconds count, our pharmacists deliver answers to questions regarding the appropriate management of critical patients with accuracy and speed. Our pharmacists are an integral part of the intensive care unit team.

Hours of operation: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed on holidays; in the event that the OR/ICU satellite staff is absent, Pikeville Medical Center inpatient pharmacy aids in the preparation of appropriate drug regimens for our intensive care patients)

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