Kristy Barrett of Forest Hills made a drastic change in her life when she chose Pikeville Medical (PMC) Wellness and Weight Loss Center for her gastric sleeve procedure.

She had problems with her blood pressure for 21 long years. She had joint pain, sleep apnea, heart problems and was taking 40 Lasix pills each day. The time had come to reclaim her life.

“Kristy needed help,” said PMC Bariatric Surgeon Amy Johnson, MD “She was unable to live without a lot of pain and dissatisfaction.  She was scared, but made a decision that would change all that. Now she is healthy and active.”

“I was missing out on life because I could not keep up with my family,” she said. “We would go on vacation or a family outing and I was forced to stop and take breaks to rest while they would go ahead of me. Now they are trying to keep up with me.”

As Barrett recalls the decision making process of weight loss surgery she had countless stories of nervousness and fear.

“So many people tell you stories that are really scary,” she said. “It is easy to let fear cloud your decision making process. I actually started to have surgery two other times and backed out.”

She says she found herself gaining more weight, feeling worse and because of her sleep apnea she was struggling each night with her face mask and CPAP machine.

She knew she had to continue the sleep apnea therapy because of the risks she had experienced due to lack of quality sleep.

“I was at the point where I could barely even drive a car,” she said. “I was afraid to drive because one of the times I fell asleep behind the wheel my kids were in the car.”

Barrett actually fell asleep driving three different times.

“I finally had enough,” she stated. “I make the appointment and this time I actually followed through with the surgery and changed my life.”

After her surgery she says she came home feeling like she could do anything. In fact, she overdid herself. She had to back up and take recovery just a little slower. Soon the pounds began melting away and her outlook and her life began to change drastically.

She says she reclaimed her life after losing 93 pounds, getting healthy and being able to drive safely with her children.

Barrett said, “I guess I never dreamed that I would get to that point. I had a very good experience. I can now walk three or four miles a day without wearing myself out. I can run. I can work out with my husband and I can do cardio with my daughter.”

She says if she could talk to anyone considering weight loss surgery she would tell them to do it now.

She said, “Give it a shot because you can do it. The surgery is worth it. Do not let fear keep you from reclaiming your life.”

For additional information about the PMC Wellness and Weight Loss Center or to schedule an appointment call 606-430-2205.