Most people are familiar with kidney stones, but many do not realize there is an entire medical specialty dedicated to comprehensive kidney health. The kidneys perform several critical functions in the body such as filtering waste and water from the bloodstream. When they do not work correctly, a variety of serious health-related problems can occur.

Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) offers the services of two kidney specialists, called nephrologists, who see patients on the 8th floor of the PMC Clinic building. PMC Nephrologists, UmmeRubab Syeda, MD, and Lakshmi Kannan, MD, are board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and work alongside a talented team of nurses, medical assistants and other clinical staff to treat patients in need of advanced kidney care.

Nephrologists treat medical conditions affecting kidneys from diabetes and high blood pressure to kidney disease, kidney failure and dialysis. Kidney disease is very prevalent in Kentucky and is one of the leading causes of death, being listed by the CDC as the 10th highest cause of death in Kentucky in 2020.

The PMC Nephrology team works tirelessly to offer comprehensive care for patients and educate the community on healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the risk for kidney disease.