Patients suffering from vascular conditions could find relief with specialty services at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC).

PMC’s Vascular Surgeons Al Addasi, MD, and Nancy Clark, MD, are dedicated to providing world-class quality healthcare. The two have over 31 years of combined experience. They are devoted to helping patients with a wide variety of diseases affecting arteries and veins.

They treat aneurysms, as well as blockages in the arteries and veins.  They also treat diabetes complications such as artery blockage and poorly healing leg wounds.  In addition to treating veins, they also treat blood clots and varicose veins. The treatment plans depend on the individual patient needs, and also include non-surgical options.

Vascular surgery is very similar to plumbing and conceptually easy to understand, “explained Dr. Clark. “You have a blockage in an artery just like you have a clogged pipe. You have to reroute the water, or the blood flow, around the blockage. That is basically what vascular surgeons do.”

Dr. Addasi and Dr. Clark have access to cutting-edge imaging equipment and laboratory analyzers that help them quickly diagnose and develop treatment plans to meet the special needs of the patient.

PMC’s state-of-the-art labs offer vascular patients a more comfortable and convenient outpatient setting for minimally invasive procedures.

These physicians show extraordinary dedication to patients. Their expertise and commitment to providing quality healthcare in a safe environment played a significant role when PMC received national recognition.

CareChex® recently named PMC’s Vascular Department number one in the state for patient safety. This ranking compares clinical quality, patient safety, and performance of virtually all acute care hospitals providing this service.