Pikeville Medical Center (PMC), nestled in the heart of Eastern Kentucky’s coal fields, proudly announces it is the recipient of a grant from Kosair for Kids to establish a multi-sensory stimulation area within the Pediatric Outpatient Therapy Center. This transformative initiative aims to bolster therapeutic care for pediatric patients in a region marked by health disparities and limited access to essential services.

PMC’s Pediatric Outpatient Therapy Center was born out of a commitment to address the geographical barriers and economic strains faced by families seeking critical therapy services for their children. In response to these challenges, PMC embarked on an ambitious expansion project in 2021 within PMC’s Physical Rehabilitation. The results can be seen in enhanced outpatient therapy services for children throughout Eastern Kentucky.

Establishing the multi-sensory stimulation area significantly advances therapeutic care for pediatric patients. This innovative space will be designed to provide a holistic approach to therapy tailored to the unique needs of each child. By creating a calming environment during therapy sessions, the multi-sensory stimulation area promotes patient satisfaction, smoother transitions, and the development of self-regulation techniques, ultimately expanding children’s attention spans. Moreover, the area catalyzes social interaction, communication, motor control, coordination and physical exercise, thereby enhancing the overall well-being of pediatric patients.

“This grant from Kosair for Kids represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive and accessible care to children in Eastern Kentucky,” stated Donovan Blackburn, PMC Chairman, President and CEO. “The multi-sensory stimulation area underscores PMC’s commitment to nurturing the growth and development of pediatric therapy services within our community.”

AS PMC continues to prioritize this initiative and enhance pediatric services in Eastern Kentucky, the establishment of the multi-sensory stimulation area within the Pediatric Outpatient Therapy Center at PMC marks a crucial step toward comprehensive, holistic and accessible care for pediatric patients in the region. PMC remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing pediatric therapy services and improving the lives of children throughout the region. With this bold initiative, PMC continues to set a new standard of excellence in pediatric therapy, inspiring hope and transforming lives.