The Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital is home to two, highly-skilled, board-certified physical medicine specialists. Sankar Chirumamilla, MD, and Milton Calima, MD, care for patients in every stage of recovery from a traumatic injury or debilitating illness.

Together, they design customized treatment plans for patients who need assistance in managing disorders associated with strokes, brain and spinal cord traumas, and other neurological conditions.

Typically, these patients have difficulty with walking, eating, memory, cognitive function, communicating and pain, and may also have bowel and bladder problems.

“I like physical medicine and rehabilitation because it treats patients as individuals and focuses on helping them to be as functionally independent as possible in the community rather than just treating their medical problems,” explained Dr. Chirumamilla.

The physicians work with the patients, their families and caregivers to design and execute a carefully monitored treatment plan that meets each individual patient’s needs.
Successful recovery often lies with intensive and motivating therapy. Our physicians work closely with other specialists within PMC even after the patient has progressed enough to be discharged home.

For more information about rehabilitation, please visit our Physical Rehabilitation Hospital Page or call 606-430-2208.