Respiratory Therapy

Procedures include all types of oxygen therapy administration, bronchodilator therapy, incentive spirometry, bronchial hygiene therapy, Heliox therapy, Ventilator care for neonates, pediatrics, and adults, resuscitation and intubation assists, extubation of artificial airways, transport of mechanical ventilated patients internal and external, Non-invasive ventilation-CPAP/BIPAB, arterial puncture and art line blood gas sampling and analysis. Very involved in open heart program by delivering ventilator care as well as weaning and patient education.

Patient care from neonate to adults include diseases such as COPD, Asthma, Pneumonia, Trauma, Surgery, and Open Heart.

Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics

All Pulmonary Function Testing, Outpatient Bronchodilator therapy, Pre-Op Incentive Spirometry and Pulmonary Rehab to include patient education and teaching.


All types of EEG monitoring for all age groups: Sedated, Sleep Deprived, Awake, Drowsy and Asleep.


EKG’s: 12 lead, Rhythm, Signal Average. 24 Hour Holter Monitoring and analysis. Cardiovascular Stress Testing: Cardiolyte injected, Exercise Treadmill, and Pharmacological Stress Testing. Echocardiography, Stress Echo, and Transesophageal Echo. Non-invasive vascular Studies.