Psychology eVisit Instructions


Your Psychology appointment may be scheduled via eVisit, our Telehealth platform. If so please read the following:


Psychology visits via the eVisit platform typically take 1-2 hours to complete.


You must be free of distraction during your eVisit, and not be in the process of any other activity. You must sit at your computer or phone, just as you would sit and focus during a visit in Dr. Wright’s office.


You must be in the state of Kentucky during the appointment.


During your appointment you will need privacy. Please make arrangements to be alone in a quiet space where you know you will have privacy throughout your scheduled visit.


You will be receiving two initial emails when your appointment is made to the email address you provided.


First you will get an email confirming your appointment. This is for information only, and you do not need to respond to this email in any way.


The second email is the enrollment email. It will contain a link you need to open in order to register for your appointment. Through that link you will download the eVisit app onto your mobile device (iPhone 8 or higher, iPad, Android device 2 years old or newer, or a laptop/computer with camera).


You may need to check your junk email folder to locate the enrollment email. Sometimes it goes to junk. You can search for eVisit in your email or junk email’s search bar.


You will need a stable internet connection throughout the visit. Plan to be somewhere that has reliable service. If you do not have that at home the hospital does provide a free public link in the parking lot across from the hospital. You can drive there and complete the eVisit from your car, just be sure you are alone and able to remain in place for 2 hours.


If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Bariatric office at 606-430-2205.

Pikeville Medical Center